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  • THE ULTIMATE GRABBER REACHER TOOL to easily pick up dropped or hard to reach items with a 4” wide gripper opening, hook and magnetic tip. 24” Length.
  • UNIQUE & VERSATILE GRIPPER OPENING can grip, secure and pick up so many items … from food cans to cell phones.
  • DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN WITH COMFORT GRIP HANDLE is easy to use and reduces the impact on your hands, wrist and arm. Super lightweight! Weighs only 1 lb.
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATING HANDLE makes your grabber reacher tool convenient and versatile. Rotating the handle makes it possible to maneuver and use for hard to reach and narrow spaces.
  • GRIPPER HAS A HOOK AND MAGNETIC TIP making it so easy to pick up keys, pulling items closer and closing doors.
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