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Nuwave CPAP Cleaner

Nuwave CPAP Cleaner


All-In-One Cleaning

The NUWAVE® Plus CPAP Sanitizing Unit comes with the NUWAVE® ozone generator and a large, yet storable sanitizing chamber which allows you to sanitize all your CPAP equipment at once. You set your CPAP mask and water humidifier in the patent-pending sanitization chamber and zip the unit shut. Then you simply connect your tubing to the generator and then to the patent-pending universal fitting on the sanitization chamber. Once you have completed these steps, you will simply press the button on the NUWAVE® ozone generator for two seconds and you will start the ozone sanitization process.

The sanitization process will last for 30 minutes, followed by a five minute flush of fresh air into the sanitization chamber. The included ozone filter will help convert the ozone back to active oxygen within two hours.

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